A Debt Settlement Miracle – Part 1

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How do we create an airtight counter offer?  An offer they can’t refuse….not because of the threat of a bloody horse head or anything “silly” like that. More like an offer where the numbers make so much sense that they are realistically un-movable.
Here’s where we stood:

  • Their offer:            $9808

  • My current offer:  $7500

  • My goal:                $8600

After several conversations with my CRN coach, we came up with the silver bullet.
My current offer was $7500. If I deferred March’s car payment of $514, that would bring us to $8014 – payable today.  Then I make an additional payment 30 days from now by deferring my April car payment of $514. Total offer: $8528. I can’t go beyond that amount because:

  • I have already borrowed from EVERYONE I could.

  • I have deferred as many other bills as possible.

  • I can’t defer my mortgage because that would jeopardize the loan mod process.

  • If it weren’t for the loan mod potential, I would just declare bankruptcy and fore-go all of this effort.

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There were so many aspects about this offer that made it genius – in fact it was super genius.
I can say this without bragging because I didn’t come up with it –  my CRN coach did. Obviously not her first rodeo. It was exactly this type of creative bargaining that can make or break a deal.
I called Billy in Recovery and made this counter offer. He was impressed by our creativity and resolve, though not AT ALL confident.
He went to the sup and very quickly came back with the same $9808.00 offer from yesterday.
I thanked him for his time and reiterated my intention for doing all of this was 3 fold:

  • To shield my family from anymore hardships.

  • Hold on to my house.

  • Offer a good faith settlement to the bank.

He was again sympathetic.  I asked him to bypass his sup and PLEASE talk to his manager. He agreed.
Two hours later, he called me back to say the manager had denied my offer.
It seemed like I had played my last card. What was left to do?
Then it hit me:

  • Maybe Billy’s compassion for me was a direct result of how I was telling the story.

  • Maybe if I spoke directly with the manager he would “get it” too?

Lucky for me, Billy agreed to make that happen.
Stay tuned. Stay afloat. Wealth and freedom are in your future.

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Debt Vs You – are you ready to slay Goliath?

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The biggest benefit of debt settlement is the feeling of control. For the the first time in 3 years, I feel like the captain of my ship.
In an earlier post, I mentioned the concept of passing the threshold of caring. You convince yourself its okay to spend more money by saying, “I am already $100,000 in debt. What’s another $1200?”
As of my phone call to CRN on July 2nd 2009, I went back into the THRESHOLD OF CARING!
This was a HUGE step in my personal recovery from debt. I immediately felt better. This is an important point and a big part of why debt settlement can be successful.

  • Even before I removed a penny of debt, I felt like a new person.

  • I had taken back control of my life

Debt had been running my life, or should I say RUINING my life. Now that was going to stop. I had committed to change. I had talked about my problem with someone, WHO I TRUSTED, and that person knew how to help me.


The minute I started caring, I stopped spending. Instead of ignoring my debt, I was focusing on eliminating it. I could envision a life of being debt-free. I could see the path to freedom.

Debt settlement was my slingshot to kill this Goliath.

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Up until that point, I was in a tailspin and couldn’t see a way out. Now I could see a clear path to recovery. Because the program made sense, I was able to fully engage and get excited about it.  Based on my situation, using the DIY debt settlement program with CRN, the dragon would be slayed within 12 months (or less)….and I could see it.

Debt settlement isn’t for everyone. Among other factors, you have to be willing to face your problems head on; you must get honest with yourself; and you must be tenacious.

The benefit of debt settlement goes far beyond getting out of debt. It is really about taking control of your financial life. Once you decide to take control you will IMMEDIATELY feel better. Trust me.

After committing, I asked myself:

“If I feel this great by committing to this program, what will I feel like when I actually settle my debt?”

Freedom was in my future and that future was NOW!


Jonathan Grossman

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