In July 2009, I was $130,000 in debt. I had no savings, no equity in my home and my career was in the toilet. So why am I smiling? Well, by the time this photo was taken in August 2009, one month later, I had signed up with the Debt Settlement company, Consumer Recovery Network. I was confident that I was getting out of debt and heading towards financial wealth and success.
My name is Jonathan Grossman and I am a 40 year old regular dude living in Los Angeles with my family. I have been married to an extraordinary and beautiful wife, Laurie, for ten exciting years. I have 2 children, Owen (4) and Piper (1) who bring me so much joy everyday that I actually cry over them on a regular basis. Yes, I am sentimental.
For the past 10 years I have been running my own company, Jumbo Music Group. I compose score and write songs for TV and film.  The industry has been hit hard by the economy and so has my business.
Little know facts about me:

  1. I love the Beatles and can fill more than 2 hours with Beatles’ stories and trivia.
  2. I broke my foot so badly in high school that the doctor said I had a 20% chance of losing my leg from the knee down.
  3. I can stay up for 2 days without sleep if I am inspired by my work.
  4. I won a rib eating contest consuming 27 beef ribs in one hour.
  5. I have done the Master Cleanse several times, once for 8 days.
  6. I play Texas Hold’em once a week in my home game every Monday night and blog about it at Why Do I Play Poker?

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