Debt Settlement Companies – The Good Ones

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Consumer Recover Network
In this case, the title should be singular. There are other good companies out there, but only a few. For this discussion, I will focus on CRN because they are the one I know.
After weeks of research and hours on the phone, I finally landed at the website of Consumer Recovery Network.  The information made sense so I called them up. Within minutes I was on the phone with Michael Bovee, the man behind CRN.  This wasn’t some salesman trying to enroll another customer. This was a highly informed consumer advocate with real solutions to my problems. We spoke for about an hour and let me tell you 2 extraordinary things that happened:

  1. He listened to me

  2. He made sense.

In a nutshell, this is why I went with CRN:

  • When I called CRN, I spoke with their president, not some sales guy.

  • He encouraged me to do this myself through their DIY program – the cheaper route!

  • If I had trouble on my own, CRN would step in and negotiate with the bank.

  • If, and only if, CRN did step in and negotiated for me, I would pay them a 15% commission based on the amount they saved me – in other words, they are invested in my results.

  • 100% of my DIY enrollment and membership fees would be applied to their commission  – NO DOUBLE DIPPING

  • I pay their commission fee AFTER I pay the bank.

  • Every logical misgiving about the other debt settlement companies was addressed in my conversation with Michael.

  • And finally – it felt right.

Remember when I said that something felt wrong when I spoke with the other companies? Well nothing felt wrong when I spoke to Michael. In my mind, he was “the guy”. With CRN, I knew things would turn around for me.
By now, you are probably wondering if I work for CRN.
No and yes.
I am not an employee of CRN.  However, if you end up hiring CRN as a result of reading this blog, they will give me an affiliate commission of 15% of the initial membership fee.
But let’s do some math, shall we?
According to Michael, the average DIY client has an initial membership fee of $795. Based on that figure, I would make $120 referring someone through their affiliate program. (15% of $795 is $120) Do I want to make $120? Sure!!  But, let’s be clear, my intent for you to call CRN isn’t to make $120. No one is getting rich (or paying for their kids’ college) by making $120.
My intent is to help you. Or should I say – for you to help yourself!!!!
Please continue to do your research AND make sure that Consumer Recovery Network is part of it. They changed my life. They can probably change yours.
Jonathan Grossman

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2 thoughts on “Debt Settlement Companies – The Good Ones”

  1. Jonathan,
    I couldn’t agree with you more about CRN — I too, spent hours on the phone over many weeks. Nothing seemed to feel right, as many promises were made, and aggressive sales tactics were used. Luckily, I eventually stumbled across Michael Bovee, president of CRN, and that is when I finally knew it was right. He wasn’t salesly at all — he listened to my whole story, and encouraged me to consider all of my options, including bankruptcy, before I decided to go with CRN. He asked good questions, and gave me good advice. He’s what I’d calld a really “good guy,” in an industry notorious for their scams. Because of Michael and CRN, I’ve been able to make some great settlement deals with my 6 different credit cards — not only did he help me figure out which cards to negotiate with in what order, he also gave me the inside scoop on what percentage I should shoot for — such as paying them 50% of the debt, or 30%, as each card is different and he knows the ropes like the back of his hand. I’d highly recommend CRN, and Michael Bovee if you want a trusted source for manuvering the tricky world of credit card debt settlement.

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