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Debt Settlement Double Whammy

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OK, so maybe I let the cat out of the bag with the title.

On December 31, 2009, my account FINALLY made it to the Recovery Department. There were a lot things working in my favor:

  • The people in this department knew me.

  • It was the last day of the year – bonus time for the reps.

  • I had money ready for an offer.

  • Reps in this department had said $20K was in the ballpark.

So I called, told my story,and offered $20K.

The rep didn’t jump at it, but he didn’t laugh me off the phone either. I knew we were close. I could taste it. My CRN coach would be proud.

He put me on hold to talk to his sup.

I felt like I was at a car dealership haggling over a car. Was this rep off taking a leak and having a laugh with one of his colleagues about how he had a client on hold for the last 5 minutes?

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Fortunately for me, not so. He came back on the line and countered with $28,250.


I almost couldn’t contain myself. Just 2 weeks earlier, the best offer was $60,000. This current offer of $28,250 was an amazing deal, one that most people would have jumped at. But not me. I could taste a sweeter deal. This rep had a better offer. I just had to coax it out of him.

Thanking him, I declined explaining I didn’t have that money (true). We went back and forth.  At one point, I could tell the rep really wanted this deal. I could almost hear his inner voice saying, “If I land this settlement, I can buy an iPhone with my commission.”  I don’t know how I knew, but I knew. And once I felt that, I calmly waited for him “to come to papa”. I had him. He wanted it even more that I did. Then, as though I was cutting HIM a deal. We finally came to a settlement.


$22,500 today and 5 monthly payments of $500.

When I heard him agree, I silently jumped for glee, hardly able to contain my excitement. Then something amazing happened. It was actually surreal.

There was a pregnant pause and the rep asked me to hold. I was a bit concerned that he would rescind the offer.

Boy was I wrong.

When he returned, he had another offer.

A better offer.

$23,500 if I could pay it all today.


He actually came down another $1500, without my asking. Cash really does speak.

I guess this was like a car dealership after all!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t come up with the extra funds that day. I was bummed, but not THAT bummed. :-)

After all, I settled almost $100K for $25K.

I cut the deal, received a fax, paid by check over the phone and hung up.


I called my wife. I felt like I had just lost 300 pounds. 3 dragons had been slain. 1 more to go.

My confidence was up as the new year began. Little did I know what was in store for me. Unlike the 3 lines of credit I had settled, my last account was a VISA.

I would soon realize it was a very, very different breed.

Stay tuned. Stay afloat. Wealth and freedom are in your future.

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